Thank you to all our donors for supporting our community especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, we have suspended in-person home visits.  However, we continue to receive requests for assistance for utilities, rent, and food.   These visits are being conducted via telephone and payments are either mailed or done electronically to minimize in-person contact. 

Year 2020

Food vouchers and jackets/blankets were purchased and distributed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We distributed 23 Thanksgiving food vouchers for a total of 83 people assisted, and 13 Christmas food vouchers, 45 jackets, and 4 blankets for a total of 49 people assisted.   

Total food vouchers: $2,080.00                

Total value of jackets/blankets:  $4,382.00

Many Blessings to Our Donors for Helping Us, Help Others.

--Society of St. Vincent de Paul