San Juan Bautista Parish has 24-7 perpetual adoration.  

Adoration is available to only those that sign up.  If you are interested, please contact Elsie Pacheco (505) 852-4100.

The adoration chapel is a special place where you can pray to God face-to-face and embrace the real presence of our Lord.

Adoration Chapel News:  Non-approved candles will not be allowed in the Blessed Sacrament due to a safety inspection finding by Catholic Mutual.  Approved 7-day candles can be purchased from the Parish Office for $3.00, In The Beginning Catholic Gift Store (1911C N. Riverside Dr. next to Clyde's RV, north of WalMart), or from Cornerstone Book Store in Santa Fe.  Candles purchased at other commercial venues (i.e., Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, etc.) are not approved.